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Greetings, friends! Surely, each of you has already managed to appreciate all the advantages of using Instagram Stories. Every day they are becoming more interactive. And in this article, I will tell you how to do Instagram polls and also give you some vivid examples of how you can use them in practice and for business.

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I will tell you about 100% proven techniques about how to get official on Instagram! Become an official Instagram account and surprise your friends. What’s that? Blue mark/tick is a sign, that the profile is owned by a public person or celebrity…

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Patience as a quality, as a virtue, as something we used to have, is fast disappearing. It’s all about ‘Super-fast’, ‘lightning speed’ , ‘agile’ . Never slow, steady and leisurely. Everyone around is hurrying. Running off at a breakneck speed to wherever they’re headed. A death race to an unknown destination…

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