“You can’t stumble upon something new and wonderful if you don’t have time to stumble”

– Janet Echelman

Insights of Wisdom. Inspiration to Act. Moments of Bliss.

Occurrences so powerful they usually change the way we function and alter our perceptions . The source of these cannot be traced to definite occurrences in time. Rather, they dawn upon us in our eternal and timeless space of our true being. They happen when we are too busy and caught up with our tiring routine existence  to recognize the ever-present reality and  it’s beauty.

It is in such moments that the Universe makes us Stumble Upon Life


The purpose of this site is to help the reader stumble onto Life and the ever present knowledge within it.

As you prepare to journey through this site, sit back, grab that cup of green tea and let the universe help you Stumble Upon Life!