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A list which archives all my published posts. Feel free to dig through the older stuff and don’t forget to share the wisdom!

September 2019

Web Tools For Copywriting Which Boost Effectivity

August 2019

Transmit In Turn: Copywriting For The Web!

July 2019

Useful Advice on How to Listen to and Hear the Interlocutor

June 2019

How To Work At Home And Improve Your Skills

May 2019

Buy Likes for the Sake of Promotion on Instagram. Yes or No?

April 2019

The Boy Who Was Sold Out

March 2019

Instagram Automation, Smart House Or Even Automated Restaurant. What Of Your Activities Can Be Automated And Does It Worth It?

February 2019

Why is social media important for business?

January 2019

How to make a poll on Instagram?

December 2018

How to get verified on Instagram?

August 2015

Stop! What Are You Running Towards?

June 2015

Why Be Afraid of Change?

May 2015

What They Said – On Friendship, Writing and Taking Action

Rejection Diaries – The Second Battle

Mindset Mastery – The Hustler, The General and The Sage

April 2015

Minimalist Living – Doing More with Less

Lessons from the Corn-Maker (Bhuttawallah)

10,000 Pageviews and Counting! Thank You!

March 2015

How to Deal With the Noise Inside Your Head

Challenging the Status Quo

My Must-Read Book Collection: Spy Novels

February 2015

How Smart People Remain Super-Effective at Work 

Rejection Diaries – My First Encounter

Rules of Self-Esteem

January 2015 

What is My Calling in Life?

What Stops Me From Achieving Goals?

Napoleon Hill Success Principles: Two Sealed Envelopes

Profound Life Advice from Comic Strips

 3 Destructive Habits which Make You Mediocre

December 2014

6 Essentials for Leading Millennials

5 Fictional Heroes Who Influenced Me

Inspired Living – Wisdom Through the Ages

Confessions of a Restless Soul: How I Became Good at Writing (And Eventually began Blogging)

November 2014

Warren Buffett Unplugged: What I learnt from the Sage of Omaha

Life Mastery: 5 Long-lost Secrets from the Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson

October 2014

Monkey see Monkey do

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