My name is Nikshep and I’m the founder of StumbleUponLife. I love to read, write and speak (in that order).

From when I was a kid, I realized I had an amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life. As I grew up, I started finding true fulfillment when I could inspire people around me and motivate them.

Just like most middle-class Indians, I ended up completing my Bachelors in Computer Science and landed a cushy software job. I tried hard for a few months, but couldn’t really go and work in a place which didn’t fuel my passion.

So I quit.

I chose to become a Trainer for two years. I traveled to many towns and villages in my state Karnataka where I trained undergrad students in communication, leadership and soft-skills. I also started doing a few corporate gigs.

Eventually, a wise soul advised me to return to learning and suggested an added degree would help me become better at what I did. So I ended up doing an MBA specializing in Human Resources.

My job now as an HR professional fulfills my need of enabling people around me. I started this blog as a means to reach out to more people who are looking for some inspiration, wisdom and knowledge.  I hope that one day through my writings, I can leave the world a little bit wiser than how I found it.