Buy Likes for the Sake of Promotion on Instagram. Yes or No?

If you have your own profile on the popular social network Instagram, then this means that you are at least a modern person who needs communication. No one can condemn a person in that he exposes his life on Social Media. This is a private matter, isn't it? Well, if you are among those who want to share sadness or joy and ask others for advice, then, in this case, it is impossible to find a better option than IG.

Almost immediately after its creation, a social network called Instagram became popular among people from different social backgrounds. Stars, students, schoolchildren, and even presidents use this network in order to spread information among their acquaintances quickly and not only. Accordingly, many of us have become interested in the question of how to raise the number of likes and followers on IG. Today you can buy likes or/and fans, you can get them for free by yourself and Lord knows what methods else. Everyone chooses the most suitable means which answer one's wishes. To understand what is what, let's dig into the question!

Increasing the number of likes: what are the alternatives?

  • Go to the Internet actions-exchanges. You take actions (liking, following, viewing, commenting) to earn credits. And then pay for likes with them. It certainly takes lots of your time.
  • Tackle manual mass-liking. Go to IG and give your "hearts" to IG users left and right. At first sight, you may think that's the most cost-effective way but think about it once again. It's a too time-consuming process, and it's not promised that you will receive the response from users. Time is money, this time you can spend to more urgent tasks.
  • Make the process of mass-liking automatic. There are a lot of apps and services which offer. It's faster and more convenient, but there is one disadvantage. Such automation tools are not free of charge, and it takes time to find the good one.
  • Buy likes. You find the best service which offers a certain number of likes. The price list is lower than of the automation tools. Results are pretty the same: you get likes from real people.

A matter of time and efforts

Take a look at the number of supporters you currently have. Tens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands? The more supporters you've got, the more popular you are. Such a simple truth can be applied to any social network. Every second person seeks to become more popular and recognizable, and therefore, the question of how to inclarge the list of Follows on IG is very relevant if not urgent today.

The question is how much time, and efforts should be spent to finally increase the number of supporters on your profile to 1 000 or yo 20 000? The endless sending of likes and follow requests to other users, "inviting" users to follow you by chatting in comments or DMs takes more than one hour. That is the option of promoting your acc with your own efforts.

Now imagine that your profile will now be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of new users every day, and for this, you need to spend only 2-3 minutes clicking a couple of buttons and links. For that, you just need to buy likes.

So why to buy likes?

Each post is a small story about someone or something, and naturally, you want to see a lot of "hearts" under your posts and stories you tell.

We are all different, with different ideas of beauty. And your acc should emphasize the delicate taste and aesthetic sensitivity, have a little humor and be not overload with information. Because in perspective, this promises us not only a lot of likes but also live followers, additional comments.

You may ask yourself why you should buy likes if you can earn them for free just putting some efforts in it?

  • First impression. Let's start with this reason. The first thing that people see when they open your profile is the number of fans and the number of likes. It's proven by many psychologists that people tend to follow and like those accs which have already gained some recognition. If the number of likes under your posts is high, it will work in your favor.
  • Instagram promotion. You have probably heard that IG algorithms promote the post, which gains more views and likes. They automatically promote them to the TOP publications in recommendations. Thus, your posts will be seen by the more enormous amount of people. And your promotion will be speeded up. In the results, you gain more fans and popularity consequently.
  • The issue of time. To buy IG likes is a rational decision if you appreciate your time highly. It doesn't matter if you make money on IG or not, you always have something to bother about. Spending long hours of travail you won't get in on the ground floor. You can spend these hours for improving your content and thinking up the promo strategies.
  • Efforts you go through. It correlates with the time issue. Just have pity on yourself. Getting likes is rewarding but does it worth doing hard tedious work? Save your strength for something else.
  • Results. I can't but mention that buying likes, you can see the results almost instantly. Besides, provided that you have chosen the quality service, it will be the real likes from real people.

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, any method has its own pros and cons. Buying likes is not an exception. I have already mentioned in passing that the main stumbling block here is the adequately chosen service.

You may come across to the tools which offer fake accounts. They are cheap and honestly, entirely useless. Purchasing them, you ran the risk of being blocked by IG.

To know how to avoid that and to find the right service, keep reading, I'll disclose the secret.

How to buy likes in the right way?

The services for promotion are top-rated nowadays. Due to that, there is a high possibility to come across some unfair and unskilled duty-holders and even scammers. Follow my recommendations to find the right assistant and not to waste your money in vain.

  1. Compare prices and terms of use. If it is a professional site, the price list will be published. The prices for likes of different quality differs. That means that you should not choose the cheapest service, not on your life.
  2. Study the feedbacks and reviews of other clients. Look them for thematic forums, in group discussions and so on.
  3. Learn how you are supposed to pay the order. There should be several methods and only reliable payment systems.
  4. Study the site, pay attention, whether there are any rules mentioned and warranties specified.
  5. Find out if the registration and personal data are required. If yes, it's time to grow suspicious: for buying likes, only account data is necessary.
  6. Check how the support team works. Ask a question to make sure of the efficiency and expertise of it.
  7. Make certain of the service can work with the minimum order in order you can test it.
  8. If a service meets all these requirements, buy a small number of likes. It won't cost much, and you will understand whether should you continue using it.

Can you buy likes on Instagram professionally now? For sure!

How to act after you bought likes?

To buy likes is your first step. Take a look at the next steps which will help you to speed up the whole process.

  • Use hashtags for getting more likes

A hashtag is a special content category. It makes it easy to find your post among thousands published at a particular moment. They also define the category of your publication, which means that the ones with excellent performance (many likes, comments, views, if the video) will be displayed in the TOP issue on a request. In this regard, it's nice to have them.

Bring your post to the top of search results!

You should always add the captions to your photos. You need to put only relevant tags to get even more likes. You can add 5 tags or 30, it's up to you. But remember, if you use all 30, put them in the first comment. Thus, your post will look aesthetic.

There is an unsound opinion that if you use popular tags, it will help you to reach the top. The more popular tag, the higher the competition. Use 2-3 popular tags, 5-6 tags of more narrow theme and a couple of non-niche tags with small frequency. Oh, do not forget to add your own or branded tags.

Use hashtags in a foreign language can increase the number of likes and loyal users. Surprisingly but it helps very much. If you write in English, add a couple of tags in German or Korean. I promise it will work out.

There is a little trick. You prepare a post for publication, add text to the description and select hashtags, and then publish it. You wait a few minutes, collect the first likes, edit the description and add other hashtags (necessarily similar in the subject), and delete the old ones. Then re-publish and, after waiting a few minutes, again change the description. This way, you can collect likes to the maximum.

And one more little trick. You have to have a great fantasy or … use hashtag generator to come up with suitable tags for each post. Such tools can generate lists of tags by a keyword, URL, or a ready photo.

  • Buy followers

For instance, to buy 500 Instagram likes is your starting point. It will certainly promote your posts to the top, but to get a real result, you need to act more straightforward. Buy supporters to double the effect. The higher number of followers will attract more new users and please your ambitions.

But remember that you should engage new fans somehow. Otherwise, they will unfollow you. For that you need to communicate with them very actively: leave your comments, send Direct Messages, view their Stories.

  • Use geotags for getting extra likes

Geotagging is convenient for promotion in a particular area. If your target audience is limited to a specific geographic framework, then geotag is the best promotional tool.

Not all people mark the geolocation under the publication. That's your chance. Your task is to arrange and use them properly, then your publications will be visible to a greater number of users, and therefore likes will be added magically (joking).

The advantage of geotagging is that you work directly with your target audience. Today, this fact allows you to solve several problems at the same time: to gain a lot of followers and become famous.

  • Get Insta views

How to get views on Instagram? Just as easy as you can acquire likes and follows! You can buy them, or you can rely on your previously purchased users, they are to view your content in any way. To drive the process, make your content viral publishing the hottest content.

  • Comment and interact with the audience

A young, newly registered accs with 2 posts and 10 people who follow you is not a smooth start. It is difficult to attract new supporters with exciting content and make them leave likes when there is nothing else to draw with.

In this case, take all your potential for an interesting mixer and go to the comments under the posts of more famous and popular accs. Do not suffer from megalomania, under the photo where there are already 5,000 comments, your comment can be lost. Find the happy middle ground. Use the discussion form of conversation. Comment on not only the author's post but other comments to this post.

Let's sum up!

Should you buy likes, followers, and views? No one dares to tell you what to do. You can even buy Instagram comments cheap. My task is to inform you. Now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of "purchasing your fame on IG: it helps you to make a positive first impression on your potential supporters, it fosters promotion to the top publications, it saves time and efforts.

The only issue you can face is the search for the really worthy application for that. And you have already know how to do that: study clients' reviews, look through all the website, chat with support team a little, take a small test.

May the force and IG likes be with you, reader! But seriously, let your self-esteem not depend on the number of admirers on social networks, and let the high number of likes to be a bonus to a truly rich life!

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