Transmit In Turn: Copywriting For The Web!

No matter how well the text and design of messages for mailing and posts for social networks is thought out, without strong text, interesting content, subscribers will get bored and leave. This is where copywriting comes to the rescue — the skill of writing texts, which is cultivated by years of practice. Copywriting is not so much a creative process as thoughtful use of rules, tactics, and formulas.

Today we will share some tips on copywriting for the Web.

Copywriting for the Web: Mailings

Texts for mailing – a series of selling messages to your TA. This is an affordable and effective marketing tool to increase sales of your products and services on the Internet. Email marketing copywriting today is necessary for every Internet entrepreneur who strives for successful development and good earnings.

Effective e-mail newsletter just the same and is a collection of selling advertising texts, combined in one series of letters. Each such advertising text for distribution necessarily describes the advantages and benefits of a potential client (subscriber), available to him after the commission of some necessary actions to the seller:

  • purchase of goods;
  • inclusion in the affiliate program;
  • adding yourself to the registration list for a paid seminar, etc.;

Effective texts for e-mail-mailing must be written in a competent literary language in full compliance with the following requirements for their form and content:

  1. Firstly, the texts should be simple and concise and not contain complex words and abstruse expressions (which are not useful, but only interfere with reading);
  2. Secondly, the texts should be designed carefully and do not use an abundance of colored fonts on the same page (also do not insert pictures, captions, emoticons, etc.);
  3. Thirdly, it is necessary to observe the clear structure of the text (main heading, subheadings, lists, paragraphs, etc.);
  4. Fourthly, you should highlight important points in a different font and do not forget to place in the body of the letter a few eloquent calls to action.

Copywriting for social media

In any social network, content plays a major role. And it's not necessarily plain-text format, anyone can promote their business with photos and be successful. This is a photo content that also works.

For successful writing, It is important to be able to see the content from the reader's side, to feel this understanding. Let's understand what users need:

  • Learn the TA. You have to identify the target audience, learn how to work with it. TA is important for any business and to move forward, to see user comments, their likes, you should try to get posts in the right places.
  • Write shortly. In social networks, units write long posts, it is not a source of knowledge. People try to get new, fun, interesting, not to spend a lot of time. Long, detailed long reads — for blogs. Where to go to study in detail the proposed knowledge.
  • Keep in mind the volume. The volume of articles increases from 10 000 characters to 30 000 for one article and covers such a number of requests that go to the first places in the search promotion.
  • Add some positive features. For social networks, this plan is unlikely to work, then have fun, relax from work. Get some positive emotions.
  • Articles should be short but informative. It is important to attract users' attention. People who have experienced in business advise looking at the article not through the eyes of the writer, but through the eyes of the reader.

There are 6 golden rules that allow you to learn how to write texts for social networks.

  1. The minimum number of words. Users do not like to read. Ideal for posts — no more than 5 minutes. According to the results of experiments, long articles are not read to the end.
  2. Truth and only truth. It is important in a situation, to be honest with subscribers. If the group sells, your posts are aimed at the description of the goods, write honestly.
  3. We remove the “water” from our texts. Social media texts should be short but informative. Try to exclude from the texts all the phrases that do not make much sense.
  4. Respect for users. Social media excludes long-term introductions. All your written statements should begin with the disclosure of what is written in the title.
  5. The ease of communication. A common mistake in social networks is the fact that the author of the written can not normally respond to criticism, in the comments begins to prove his case. Even if this is the case, you should respect your subscribers and communicate with them on a friendly wave.
  6. One text — one thought. In one text you need to uncover one subject. It is not necessary to spread to a few ideas. If you have in the head a lot of thoughts, divide them into several texts. Believe me, it will be better, more interesting for users.

Working with social networks is not hard, you need to understand the basic principles. If you do not create a group for entertainment and pursue the goal, determine the interests of the target audience.

Information and advertising texts in SMM

What is SMM and how is it different from other digital marketing tools? SMM is first of all building relationships with the target audience and then selling. Sometimes there is no inspiration or time to write a text. It is very difficult to get together and think about where to start. We offer a scheme of how to build your text and quickly prepare it.

  • Scheme “АIDA”. Attention — attract the attention of a potential consumer; Interest — interest the consumer in the product; Desire – awaken the desire to buy; Action — provoke some action.
  • Scheme "From problems". For example, "hungry — buy a Snickers" or "if you want to look slim — buy a tight black dress."
  • Scheme "Sell the problem and solution." Let's say you have created some cool innovative products, but the potential audience does not know how to use it. For example, the heating season has started, and there is such a device as a humidifier.
  • Scheme "Problem + solution + improvement of objections". There is a certain product that can solve some problems, but the buyer may have some objections, questions or clarifications.

Formulas for a promo post

Each social network has a separate block of rules for promo posts. Instagram prefers to focus on the image first, and Facebook prefers the shortest text. Nevertheless, there is an effective formula for how to create an advertising post to increase conversion, brand awareness, and other tasks. To use it, it is enough to make small changes, depending on the requirements.

  • AIDA model

If you have ever hammered into the search engine query on how to write a selling post, then almost one hundred percent probability there mentioned this model, because AIDA — is the holy of holies for any copywriter. The model itself is a logical chain of phrases that should gradually push the person to the idea of buying.
A — Attention. Here the main thing "to hook" the client that he detained the look, stopped for a moment and started reading our post.
I — Interest. It is important not only to interest but also to keep the interest of the buyer as long as possible. Demonstrate the benefits of your products or services.
D — Desire. This is the stage of convincing the client that has made a purchase, he will achieve his goal.
A — Action. We push a person to make a purchase.

  • PS model

Unlike the previous model, it appeals to rational rather than emotional perception. Here we lay out everything on the shelves, logically justify the benefits of our and why it is so necessary to man.
P — Problem. We start with the client's problem and state its essence.
A — Attention. We attract the attention of the client, sometimes a little hypertrophy of the consequences of neglect of the problem.
S — Solution. We offer a reasoned solution to the problem, we tell how our product will help a person and talk about its benefits.

  • 4U model

Another type of rational model, which is based on the disclosure of the advantages of the product and its limitations.
U — Useful. We reveal all the benefits of our product, why it is needed, how is it use and how it will help a person.
U — Urgent. Add peppercorns, showing that the offer is limited and they need to take advantage of here and now, otherwise it may be too late.
U — Unique. We talk about their advantages, some chips that make you the best in their field. The hackneyed phrase "use unique technologies" is not enough, give people the specifics of what this technology is and why it is cool.
U — Ultra-specific. Here we combine general information from all the previous points, make a concentrated blow from the advantages, thereby provoking the commission of the target action.

Even if you memorize all the models by heart, you may still have problems with writing the ad text. It seems to be done right, but the audience of your post is not catchy.

Layouts and design questions

In the mailings everything should work in the system: it is necessary to send subscribers what they really want to get and at the right time. And communicate the proposal so that it is interested in the recipient. For the latter need good text, beautiful design, and correct layout.
Text — the basic element of the layout. Text — incompressible fluid that takes the shape of the vessel.
The layout of the letters is closely related to the design, as the layout of the letter needs to be translated into code. It is important that the coder and the designer know the principles of design and html-layout of letters and understand each other. Because of the poor layout of the letter can even get into spam, so it is important to know the features of html-layout of letters.

It differs from the design of websites and landing pages. It has many limitations, so some design solutions are not applicable to the design of letters and posts. To make a nice and correct design of the letter and posts, you need to know the product and the TA.

Competent design will not only make the letter beautiful, but also increase the number of clicks and depth of viewing. At the same time, if the design is initially good, small changes will not raise the performance of mailings.

Animation in letters can be done only with the help of gif. It is important that the letter itself is not heavy. So the requests "add more moving elements" and "make writing easier" are almost always incompatible. Writing should be easy if your mailings are often opened from mobile, because the mobile Internet does not always give the desired speed. Also, if the letter is too much with animation, it will be difficult to read it, and subscribers will not reach the target action.

Restrictions on the text for social networks

In order for the social network account to become popular and the number of likes under each post will significant, it is important to pay attention not only to the visual content, but also the main thing — the text part of the publication. Capacity, informative, attractive and unobtrusive — these are some of the important characteristics of a successful description.

The number of characters does not always determine the significance of the context itself. Most readers will not even begin to read the text if its continuation will need to be read in the comments or somewhere else.

The most common problem with the texts in the posts of the social network is connected with the limitation of the number of symbols under the description of the published photo or picture. You can add no more than 2000 characters to one post. In this case, all characters are considered without spaces.

But what if the story is so fascinating that it can not be limited to two thousand characters? There are currently several ways to work around this limitation. For example, if all the text from the publication does not fit in one post, you can continue in the comments.

Also, it is now accepted to publish the continuation of the text story in the form of a picture with the printed text. Alternatively, you can create a video from such slides with texts and upload them to the publication.

Emoticons: How to use?

Don’t forget about emoticons. Emoticons have become a universal language of communication on the Web, although they are not always considered appropriate. There is an opinion that emoticons is an entertainment for school children, so it is better not to use them in correspondence with clients and SMM.

The basic rules of using emoticons are simple:

  • Moderation. Do not go too far, a large number of emoticons will only confuse the reader.
  • Compliance with the subject of content. To put emoticons with playgirls in a post about diapers will be, perhaps, ridiculous, but babies and small animals diversify the text.
  • Meeting the expectations of the TA. If the public positions itself as socially-provocative, then forget about smiles-shy, look for devils, clowns and the same-sex couples.
  • Adequacy. If you use emoticons incorrectly, you may offend your audience.

Final word

Remember the most important thing for social media copywriting:

  1. Your task is to write a post that will break into the smart tape and attract attention among hundreds of other publications.
  2. Write how you talk — simply, friendly and at ease.
  3. Write from the first person and address personally to the reader (in some cases it is possible on "you").
  4. Add a call to action: like, comment, go to the site, call.
  5. Complete the post with high-quality photos and videos.
  6. Come up with a title, divide the entry into paragraphs, insert smiles — so people will be easier to read.
  7. Write about the benefits, tell interesting stories, evoke emotions — people are willing to share such posts.

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