How To Work At Home And Improve Your Skills

It is so great to work at home scheme! You can wake up later, drink coffee when you like, have a rest or do other important work and later continue working. For some people, it is easier to work in the evening instead of the morning. You can work when you want. You must do the work and there is no matter how and when you do it.

This work seems to be ideal. But having worked for several months in such a regime some people give it up or want to throw the computer out of the window. If you want to work at home and do not degrade, do not to feed up with such work you are to follow some simple rules.

Due to modern technologies, a man can work not only in the office but at home, in the park or somewhere else taking the laptop with himself. Who does not dream to escape from the stuffy office and to work in better conditions? It seems that when working at home you won’t spend money and time on the road to work, saves your nerves. But very few people assume that such work can lead to negative experiences such as despondency, aversion to the duties, and feelings of loneliness.

Actually, there are many factors influencing the success of your work at home. Journalist of New York Times, Kennet Rosen shares with you in this article about the traps or remote work and how to avoid them.

Do not be lazy to dress up

There is such a temptation to wake up 15 minutes before the start of the working day, take the laptop from the bedside table and get involved in the work. But you should not follow this temptation.

It is necessary to start the alarm clock and put it away from the bed – then you will have to get up to turn it off. After that prepare carefully for the working day: take a shower, have breakfast and dress as if you are going to the office.

Sure, there is no necessity to put on a suit but you should choose comfortable clothes as you can at any moment speak with your colleagues. You never know when a colleague can phone you to discuss a serious matter. Moreover, being prepared as if for work in the office you will not come back to bed after lunch.

Do not transform your bedroom into the office

It does not matter whether you are in the flat or in the forest hut you should not make a cabinet from your bedroom. You can take a laptop and go to the nearest cafe or a library where there is wi-fi. Choosing the working place be sure that you do not cause inconvenience. Thus, the staff of the café will not be happy if you are sitting 8 hours just drinking tea. The visitors of a library can be outraged by calls to which you cannot answer.

If you do not need to answer the calls the situation will be easier. You can find another ko-working near the house.

Adjust the technique

When you decide to work at home you are to be sure that there are all the necessary programs and applications on your laptop. Be sure that the programs will work correctly with remote access. Do not forget to make a reserve copy of the most important documents in case of unexpected connection failures.

Try to use your smartphone as an access point of Wi-fi, whether there is a possibility to distribute it if for some reason the Internet at home will stop working. If your work is conjugated with a huge number of files, you are to be ready to get an impressive bill for the mobile Internet. This question can be discussed with the IT-department perhaps there is special equipment or the possibility to use the global network paid by your organization.

Speak with your colleagues

Without speaking you will feel absolutely alone. You need to discuss the projects with the colleagues and managers to work correctly. For a convenient chat use such programs as Skype, Hangouts.

Try not to ignore the messages from your colleagues, inform them when you are out for dinner or walk. You can write in the chat everything you could say sitting in the office.

Keep to the schedule

To buy likes is your first step. Take a look at the next steps which will help you to speed up the whole process.

Use the system of SMART to identify goals and objectives. Make your plan of work for a day, a week, a month.

Mark the boundaries

When you work at home your family will try to prevent you from work. You should mark your boundaries so that they could understand that you are at work and it is not a necessity to enter your room constantly.

During the work forget about your social networks and personal chats.

Rest outside the house when possible

During the day it is very useful to make short walks. This allows you to lead a more active lifestyle, otherwise, you will be involuntary imprisonment, moving between the desk, kitchen, and bed.

Have lunch or drink coffee with friends as a daily habit. You can switch from work by a conversation with the seller of the nearest shop or with a café’s staff.

Divide work and personal life

At the end of the working day shut the laptop, mail for work and get involved in your family. Otherwise, you will provide yourself with nervous and physical exhaustion, depression and sleep disorder. Do not let work get into your personal life, depriving you of a good rest.

Be grateful

Despite some pitfalls, remote work has many advantages. You can think of it playing with your dog or having a meal with friends while the majority of office workers shaking in the subway or standing in the traffic jam, trying to get home.

It is very convenient to work at home. Following the aforesaid simple recommendations, the work at home will seem ideal!

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