How to write good Instagram captions: 14 hacks you wish you knew sooner.

If you want to surprise me, find a person who seriously claims that Instagram is all about text, not pics or videos.

Instagram is the territory of visual content. It does not mean you should forget about captions. Here are some tips that help to attract the audience's attention on Instagram (actually they work for any other platform).

Do not know how to start a post? Start with: “what-do-you-call-it..”

No kidding – just start writing like that, and share the idea you wanted to bring. Such informal language allows you to break the tension and get rid of the fear of a white sheet. Don't forget to edit the post before publishing. If such a beginning seems too bold and rude to you, start more politely: “Can you imagine…”

Write to a bosom buddy / understand your TA

Now and then I meet resistance from newbies: “I do not know what to write about. I can’t write about my daily routine, right?” Here comes a tip: imagine you are talking to your old fella. He or she may be real or imaginary, but it must be similar to your TA.

Start sharing what you are doing, for whom, why, what is the benefit of your product. Copy everything you have written and pasted in one post. Everyone can chat with friends – use this superpower to create cool content.

Do not feel like writing? – Do not then

On courses of SMM or content marketing, one recommends posting every single day. This setting makes many people grind the content out, at its best, the result turns out to be so-so.

You don't have to publish every day to increase your Instagram engagement.

If you are not queer for writing, give another format a try. Record a video, make a screencast, draw comics. Look for your format, your unique communication tools with followers, which will allow you to bring the necessary information.

1.Mind the paragraphs.

Any text will be easier to read if it contains paragraphs. Split the text into sentences with different semantic accents.

By the way, recently we have mentioned the telegram-bot, which helps to make beautiful captions on Instagram in the right format.

2.Follow the rule: one idea = one post.

The fewer ideas the text contains, the easier it is to read. Do the boring exercise:

Ask yourself: “What is this post for?"/ state its purpose.
Ask yourself: “Does this text fit the purpose?”
Ask yourself: “Does this paragraph fit the purpose?”
Ask yourself: “Does this sentence fit the purpose?”

Delete everything that does not match.

3.Send a large text to the gallery.

It is better to write small notes on Instagram, no longer than 2 000 characters. Make a long text shorter.

If it is impossible, try to post it in the first comment or take a screenshot and send it to the gallery. Both variants are not good enough, but I would choose "send a text to the gallery". This way engages your followers in reading the post. It is better to use the first comment for hashtags. You can screenshot the notes and click the crop button unless you have a square.

4.Add subtitles to your video.

If you're posting important videos – add subtitles. Bunch of people watches videos without sound. Subtitles help to catch attention.

Some apps immediately record a video and transcribe everything you say (e. g. Clipomatic, Clips). You can shoot video using a teleprompter, reading the prepared text, and add it as subtitles to any video editor.

5.Keep on improving your writing skills.

It is not necessary to post regularly, but you always need to improve your text!

Writing is similar to sport. You have to practice every day, little by little, increasing the workload.

The same story with content – practice every day. Analyze other users’ posts, looking for ways to improve yours. Spot problems - why some posts turned out to be good, while another - worse. Read books, take courses (for example, SMM in TeachLine), etc.


Publish call-to-action posts. Ask your followers’ opinions on some issues. Share your experience and ask if anyone has run into a self-same problem. Ask to follow the links, to repost, etc. All the time!

7.Write about the people.

People are selfish. When they read and recognize themselves, the text touches a reaction off. It reaches more people.

8.Make a powerful intro.

There are no titles on Instagram, but that doesn't mean you can neglect a strong intro. If the first sentence is just blah blah blah, no one will want to read on.

9.Remove 35% without hesitation.

Any text can be shortened without losing its meaning. Remove trash-talking, repetitions, interjections, adverbs, etc. It is guaranteed to make your text better.

10.Use images.

If for you to start writing is difficult – think about it from another side and ask: “How would he or she act in such a situation?” I like to ask myself: “So, Ilya, you do not write, what would Martin Eden do?”

Not always the decisions are right, but I move from a dead point and start writing. Choose your favorite hero or the hero who would be able to act correctly in your situation.

11.Share your experience.

Try storytelling. For starters, single the purpose of the post out, e.g.: “I want people to buy tickets for 24 cups of coffee using ID. It is cheaper than in coffee shops”. Identify the key association or thought you want to share. Let's say "economy".

Meditate for a while, take a deep breath and remember the incident from the past. Tell this story and tie it to your association.

12.Write from the end.

You can divide posts into different structures and models: someone prefers the AIDA model, someone sticks to a slippery-Hill.

But try to move away from the structure and first write the sentence that should be the last one. Then write a sentence, which should be before the last one. If you still have time, write a sentence that should precede the penultimate sentence. Go on to the very beginning.

13.Write the way you talk!

Just read what you have written. Read aloud or even declaim, instead of muttering. If you were out of breath or faltered saying something – rewrite the text.

There is another option: first, write the thesis, then start explaining and transcribe it into the text.

14.Rock it!

If you write just for writing, most likely, it will not work for you. It is much more profitable to create posts about things that you can not keep secret. Things you give a damn. You can limit yourself with a choice and always write only on 2-5 topics you understand and care about. Or you can learn how to get involved in any topic you work with.


In fact, there are no rules. If you do your best, you can find 100 500 people who will advise you something else. Perhaps these people will be more professional authors than I am.

But it does not really matter: just take and try to follow the tips you personally like. If you need some help with promotion on Instagram, you can contact Texterra.

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