What Is An Influencer And How To Become One?

Do you think that only fashion divas and gamers can earn on an audience on social networks? It is unlikely that online entrepreneurs Gary Vaynerchuk and Neil Patel (who have hundreds of thousands of followers, and income is measured in 7-digit numbers) will agree with you.

Now it's easier to get fame: the mechanism for forming the image of an influence agent has been studied and worked out, there are many platforms for promotion, and almost the entire target audience is on social networks. If you understand your field and are passionate about what you are doing, it is quite possible to achieve success — especially taking advantage of my 5-step action guide.

But first things first. What is an influencer? What types of them exist? What distinguishes a social media influencer? And, finally, how to become a successful influencer?

What is an influencer?

An influencer is any content maker that get money from advertising. Influencers are people who are present on social networks and benefit from it.

Thanks to social networks, yesterday unknown people become significant for their audience, they are being looked up to and styled after. This is what companies that invite such people to become their "ambassadors" make use of. It helps promote products or services among their subscribers and followers on social networks. That's what we call influencer marketing as influencers are those media characters, whose opinion is of great importance to many people.

As a result, a successful collaboration is formed: an influencer makes money from advertising or receives gifts from the customer company, and that, in turn, gives high-quality advertising and potential buyers represented by influencer's subscribers and followers.

What are the types of influencers?

What do influencers do and what are the types? Take a look at my classification and find your predestination.

Networkers have a large set of contacts, connections, channels. German would say, "vitamin B."

Opinion Leaders have authority in their field of activity. They know what they are doing, what they are talking about, and they know how to explain it to others.

Discoverers find new platforms for work, niches that you can occupy, up to date with new products or in a simple way a person on-trend. Discovers are always wide awake.

Sharer (distributor) disperse information through existing channels.

Users represent average brands.

How to become a social influencer?

STEP 1: Create quality content

Let’s think logically! What is an influencer? First and foremost, it’s a content maker. Quality content is a must.

First, you need to immediately determine for yourself which niche you will occupy, because you cannot write about everything in the world and be a specialist in all spheres of life. If you are a culinary god, take advantage of this. If you like to travel, start writing about travel. If children are the reason you live, start a parenting blog. Just ask yourself two questions: "What do I love?" and "What can I teach others?"

Secondly, the content should be attractive in all matters. It's not enough to have interestingly written text. You need an excellent visual design of the posts. Here you can not do without quality photos. You can either make them yourself or buy in photo banks. But there is one rule: customers trust people, not fictional characters. Therefore, try to create an image of a person who is trusted and who is open to the public.

STEP 2: Work consistently

Yes, being an influencer is a job. Moreover, it's a work with an irregular schedule, but at the same time brings a good income. Therefore, it should be treated responsibly. Even if you have a beautiful and informative blog, but the posts appear at different intervals ( twice a day, then once a month), you will not be considered a reliable influencer. Accordingly, there will be a few advertising contracts. Who wants to deal with an irresponsible person?

PR experts advise you to draw up a content plan and adhere strictly to it. For example, every Monday you write about what happened at the weekend, Tuesday will be a day of good advice, on Wednesday you will talk about your plans, etc. This way, you will show your future audience that your blog is a place where they can come back every day.

STEP 3: Build community

Building a community with your followers/subscribers is a vital part of success as an influencer. The key role here is played not so much by the quality of the content you post, but by feedback from the readers of the blog. They need to see that you are an average person as they are but possessing some unique talents or character traits. You need to become the one whom they would like to reach for, whom they want to entrust their thoughts to.

In addition, you need to establish friendly relations with other influencers. So you show your subscribers that you are trusted not only by them but also by other successful media personalities. Sometimes, large companies organize press tours for a whole galaxy of influencers. Thus, a higher level of trust is achieved among the audience.

STEP 4: Be open to change

What is an influencer? It’s a person open to change first of all. Social networks do not stand still, bringing all kinds of changes to their work, so be prepared to adapt to this process. Platforms introduce new features, from time to time, new applications appear that can be used.

Always keep an eye on new platforms and be the first to tell your audience about them. Thus, you will become a kind of discoverer. People will start listening to you, they will be interested in your opinion. Openness to change is an opportunity to develop your brand and convey your thoughts to a broader audience.

STEP 5. Be independent (from the social platform)

Social networks provide us with a fantastic tool for making money, but they do not allow us to keep this business. Your business will live at the whim of the platform and die, too, at its whim.

Microsoft Paint graphics editor allows you to edit images. With it, you can rMake sure you diversify your business and work with multiple threads. So, if your Instagram profile is blocked for a long time (due to hacking or user complaints), you will be able to receive money from other social networks. Distribute your creativity on several platforms and try to monetize each of them.

Thus, 5 not simple, time-consuming, quite challenging steps, and you are an influencer. Just like any other job, it requires diligence and high ambitions. If you have that, go ahead!

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