What Is The Best Way To Find Instagram Hashtags?

When you need to think over a caption for your post, do you feel confused? I imagine you could spend a lot of time when picking hashtags manually, and not always notice any engagement. In this article, I'm going to review the sound Hashtag generator you can use for free. You'll understand how to combine hashtags in a proper balance to boost post impressions by 2-3 times.

Let's begin with 3 must-know practices and pass to the tutorial on the Toolzu hashtags research.

Check-list on hashtags: 3 main rules

A – Hashtags should correspond with post

This tip looks simple, but many Insta-users overlook it and fail. You better apply just the hashtags linked with the meaning of your post and caption. Furthermore, I advise that you eliminate mass hashtags like #family, #dog, #people. The problem is – users never follow these broad tags. So what is the point of using them? The unrelated hashtags can't hit target viewers and drive potential clients to your profile.

In the worse occasion, IG may put your account under shadowbanning when you overuse unrelated hashtags just to get likes. That's why niche and specified hashtagging is crucial for higher reach and improved safety.

B – Don't duplicate hashtags under each post

When you created one hashtags mix doesn't mean you should reuse it for every post in your feed. The hashtags must be renewed and updated. The most straightforward approach is switching the order of the words or hashtags. Also, you should track new niche hashtags getting popular in your area. An easy idea to diverse your set is applying location-tied hashtags.

The point is Instagram may recognize that you use the same hashtags and hide your posts for some time. So, it's better to create distinctive combinations for every content idea you have.

C – Don't use competitive hashtags

You may think that popular hashtags are an easy way to get noticed and receive some likes. But that is not true. When you put too competitive tags, your post may get lost in the feed. The way out is to mentions less popular and niche hashtags in your set so that the post appears in the TOP for more time. Also, the feed on niche hashtags is not updated with new images so often.

I know one easy tool showing the statistics you need on every hashtag – Toolzu hashtags search. Users view the average time in feed to determine the chances to compete. Let's teach how to combine the 30 hashtags most expertly.

How to use an automated searcher of hashtags?

To begin with, register on the Toolzu page to open access to the Free hashtag's search. This process requires just several minutes.

#1 Mention your keys

When you come up with what image you are going to post on Instagram, think over the keys. They can generally describe your content, but it's better to research considering every product and idea you put on display. Separate them with commas, as I do:

It's useful that you can mention even 5 keys per one search making the research more target. Toolzu Hashtags finder lets you use any language and various alphabets.

There is one more way of generating hashtags – with the AI-mechanism:

  1. paste a link to an IG post;
  2. use any picture on your gadget and upload it to the Generator.

Chose any of these options, but next, you'll need to pick relevant hashtags. I should warn you that an AI-based search analyzes just an image, not the whole niche you represent, so you might get some ideas missing.

#2 Obey the proper combination

Now let's mark the hashtags corresponding the best with your keys and image idea. The point is you should pick the correct number from each group you see as you generated hashtags. Toolzu sorts them by the difficulty of entering the TOP feed. How to mix them right:

1-3 of High + 5-10 of Medium + over 15 Low hashtags = perfect blend

By adding less competitive and niche hashtags to your combination, you increase the chance of getting to the TOP. Too broad and popular hashtags people use under spammy content so that we need them in the fewer proportion.

#3 Diverse your sets

Don't stop with the one combination when you create hashtags. Copy one in a document and start thinking over the next set. Also, you should mix the hashtags in combos and add new so that Instagram recognizes them a different.

When you are making a content strategy for the next period, research hashtags for every post – that is a winning idea. Soon you will understand the best hashtags ideas in your area.

#4 Compare the results

You must evaluate the results after you applied this or that hashtags combo. Otherwise, there is no sense of putting hashtags. To do this, use Instagram insights and view how many impressions you got from hashtags. To view this data, you need to start using Instagram for business. I like this instrument when planning out the most lucrative hashtags.

My final words

I hope you'll use the tools and insights I prepared for you when making your next hashtags combo. Don't stop practicing hashtags even if the first round didn't end up with insights boost. Experiment with new hashtags and change the sets, and this tool will work. Toolzu is the best free instrument available online – try it for free!

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